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  • Importante Rules and Guidelines

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    CoralMC Network Regulations

    Dear CoralMC users, you are invited to carefully read the following regulations in their entirety to enhance your gaming experience and that of fellow players.
    We would like to remind you that players are not authorized to use cheats that give them an advantage over others. In order to ensure the safety of the Network, in addition to implementing an anti-cheat system, we have decided to authorize our Staff Members to perform manual checks following internal instructions. These checks will not violate privacy and will be conducted using specific, legally authorized programs such as AnyDesk.
    Users who accept the regulations should be aware that refusing a check may result in expulsion from the Network for a maximum of 30 days. Furthermore, users acknowledge that cheat checks may be recorded and published for informational and entertainment purposes while fully respecting user privacy.
    Upon entering the Network, users automatically accept our guidelines.

    In the spoiler below, you can review the behaviors that can result in a ban.
    • Use of Cheats or Hacked Client » 30-day Ban (14 days if admitted)

    • Use of Macros and/or Autoclicker » 30-day Ban (14 days if admitted)

    • Use of a dual mouse is not allowed » 30-day Ban (14 days if admitted)

    • Modifying files before inspection and/or modifying mouse macros before inspection » 30-day Ban

    • Initiating a Chargeback for a purchase in our Store » Network Blacklist

    • Use of unauthorized Clients [All not listed] » 3-day Ban

    • Bug Abuse » 7-day Ban and Exclusion from Any Rankings

    • Threats of DDoS and/or Doxing » Network Blacklist

    • DDoS and/or Doxing Attacks » Network Blacklist

    • Using another account to evade a ban » Permanent Ban

    • Using another account to evade a mute » 1-day Ban

    • Attempting to Bypass or Bypassing a Staff member in SS » Network Blacklist

    • Scamming other users (with purchasable items) » 30-day Ban (At the discretion of the Head Staff)

    • IP/link spam of other servers » Permanent Ban

    • Spamming inappropriate websites » Permanent Ban

    • Account sharing » 7-day Ban or permanent (Depending on the situation)

    • Selling or transferring any product within our platforms, whether they are CoralMC items/ranks or completely external products » Staff reserves the right to decide the measure based on the presented scenario

    • Faking evidence to report other players » 30-day Ban (may vary depending on the cases)

    • Requesting a player's AnyDesk » 1-week Ban (Ban duration may increase depending on the severity of the situation, by the Head Staff)

    • Impersonating a Staff Team member is strictly prohibited » 7-day Ban

    • Sniping » 7-day Ban (first offense, then increasing progressively)

    • Trading » Permanent Ban

    • Any reference to a player's real-life for harassment will be punished with a ban

    • Command abuse (If a player abuses commands such as /report or /helpop) » 1-day Ban

    • Inappropriate Builds » 1-day Ban

    • Inappropriate Skin » The player is warned first and then banned for 1 day if the violation recurs

    • User Impersonation » 1-day Ban

    • Use of VPN/Proxy » Permanent Ban

    In the spoiler below, you can review the behaviors that can result in a mute.
    • Profanity » 3-hour Mute

    • Insults towards staff » 3-day Mute

    • Insults towards the server » 7-day Mute

    • Insults » Mild from 3 hours to 1 day, severe from 1 day to 3 days (at the discretion of the Staff)

    • Toxicity in chat » 3-hour Mute

    • Flood » 1-hour Mute

    • Death Wishing » 3-day Mute

    • Spamming a social platform, like a YouTube/Twitch channel » Mute/Ban based on circumstances

    • Spamming any site unrelated to CoralMC » 12-hour Mute

    • Inappropriate advocacy regarding political/religious acts » 3-day Mute

    • Discrimination of any kind is STRICTLY prohibited (such as racism, homophobia, and targeted insults towards a group of people) » 3-day Mute

    CoralMC is a Network composed of various game modes, each different from the others. For this reason, each mode has its own internal regulations to be integrated with the one reported above.
    To view the regulations for each mode, simply click on the various spoilers below.

    • Cross Teaming » 1-day Ban

    • Camping (SkyBase or Underground Base or Base Camping) » 1-day Ban

    • Team Griefing » 1-day Ban

    • Spawn Kill » 2-day Ban

    • Inappropriate Clan Name » Clan removal + 1-day Ban

    • Boosting » Ban (at the discretion of the staff) + winstreak reset

    • Sniping » 7-day Ban (with timing variations at the discretion of the staff)


    Bannable Behaviors:

    | Potentially involved parties:
    - Attacker (one or more accused players)
    - Target (one or more players possibly victim of an infraction)
    - Broker (one or more players who may have interfered)

    | Possible circumstances:
    - Two or more Attackers who are not part of the same gang decide to engage the same Target, avoiding prolonged mutual contact.
    - Broker interferes in the fight, giving another player the opportunity to somehow gain an advantage by escaping or winning the fight.

    | Focus-Filter:
    Refers to a situation where the Target (or part of their group) is near death (three-quarters of health, No God-Apple) and/or where the Target is missing one or more armor components.
    To resort to the Focus-Filter, a quick and not prolonged engagement is necessary; the action should have as little influence as possible in a fight.

    • Targeting a Streamer/Youtuber/Famous player = 3 to 15 days
    • Pearl / BlockGlitch = 7-day Ban
    • Using the party to make someone die in CombatLog = 3-day Ban
    • Auto Armor = 30-day Ban
    • AutoText = 3-day Ban
    • Kill Boost = 30-day Ban + Balance Reset
    • Teaming (Even to help escape) = 3-day Ban
    • Bug Abuse = Variable depending on the bug (ask the managers)
    • Going out of the map = 7-day Ban
    • Scam (Real Money) = Blacklist » (only if the scammed player is the one who paid for the upgrade and thus • paid to then be scammed, otherwise 30-day Ban)
    • Scam (Real Money) = Blacklist » It's bannable to promise an upgrade or free donation and then not do it
    • Prot display pack = 3-day Ban
    • Prot for armor status = 3-day Ban
    • Trading items with others on servers outside CoralMC = 7-day Ban
    • Having more than one account online at the same time (DURING EVENTS) = 3-day Ban
    • Offensive gang name = disband + leader mute starting from 3h up to a 1-day ban
    • Giving away bounties = Ban from 1 to 7 days
    • Blocking doors without being in ct to help non-gang people = 3-day Ban
    • Knowingly playing with a banned user » Ban at the staff's discretion

    • Non-Bannable Behaviors:
      • Scam (with in-game items) = Allowed
    After a meeting held with various players, insulting players for private matters not related to the game has been added to the KitPvp rules as a ban-worthy offense. Additionally, Doxing is now punished even more severely. The staff reserves the right to choose the timing of sanctions on a case-by-case basis.

    We have decided that there will be no more refunds in the case of scams. You are invited to only upgrade in the presence of a staff member. If you upgrade without a staff member present, you can have the scammer banned, but you will not be refunded anything.

    WARNING: For any report, the Staff will only consider video evidence.

    • General Notes -
    • Public and paid farms are PROHIBITED (farms can ONLY be used by members of the land).

    • The market rules can be found at /warp market.

    To ensure that evidence is valid:

    • For TP-KILL or any other kill marked as ban-worthy, the evidence must show the player teleporting and being killed or an attempted killing (the TP request or the message that the request has been accepted must be visible).

    • The only cases where an item refund and rollback can be requested in case of grief are as follows:

    • In the case of scamming, the money and item exchange must happen solely with /trade and must have a clip. Money will not be refunded. The clip must show the trade request and the complete trade.
    • In the case of Grief in protected territories with /lands, the griefed player must not touch anything related to the Grief until a Staff member comes to assess the situation.
    *If these requirements are not met, the support request will be immediately closed.

    Bannable Behaviors:

    • Bug Abusing of any kind » Ban from 7 to 30 days + possible reset (at the discretion of the Staff)

    • Party Kill » 7-day Ban

    • Land farm abuse (Using a farm you are not part of) » 7-day Ban

    • TP Kill » Ban from 7 to 30 days

    • Trap Kill » Ban from 7 to 60 days

    • Multi-account for market lotto » Ban from 10 to 30 days

    • Scam of any kind » Ban from 7 to 30 days (at the discretion of the Staff) + possible reset of the scammed goods

    • Up scam » Permanent Ban + possible reset of the scammed goods

    • AFK Farming (using external methods like Macro, Autoclicker, AFK Pool, or placing weights on keys) » 14-day Ban + possible reset

    • Xray » 30-day Ban (including the texture pack)

    • Griefing (of any claimed territory or nearby areas) » Ban from 7 to 14 days (at the discretion of the Staff)

    • Impersonating another user » Ban from 1 to 7 days, depending on the consequences it causes

    • Offensive structures » 1-day Ban

    • Abuse of Land commands » Ban from 7 to 14 days (teleporting a person to the Land and abusing permissions to prevent external players from placing blocks and then killing them, same applies for enabling PvP in the land to kill a player on any occasion, except PvP Areas)

    • Inappropriate Land Name » 3-day Ban

    • Those who abuse their Land to kill users inside will have it removed.

    (N.B. Players killed in these lands will not be compensated as there is an official Staff land where PvP can be done without any risk)

    • Additional Notes -
    • Bug abusing refers to exploiting any situation that should not normally occur.

    • Each player can have ONLY ONE LOTTO even if they have multiple accounts. Otherwise, all lots connected to that player will be removed.

    • AFK is allowed to spawn mobs, but it is not allowed to use external methods, so auto-farming (autoclicker, etc.).

    • Griefing is ban-worthy. Trying to justify an obvious grief with the excuse of theft may increase the ban duration. Griefing occurs when there is an intention to damage a structure or when the form and appearance of a structure are compromised due to the removal of important blocks or the addition of blocks out of context.

    • Proximity griefing occurs when the boundaries of a claimed area are destroyed and prevent you from expanding or ruin the surrounding territory.

    • If a player has been a victim of a grief attack in a PROTECTED territory, unless it is in proximity, the area cannot be restored. Therefore, the user is requested to invite people they trust into their land.

    • TP-Kill refers to when a player teleports another player to themselves or accepts a teleport request received with the intent to kill the player.

    • Trap Kill refers to building specific traps with the intent to kill other players both inside and outside the lands.

    • Theft is allowed. Theft means taking possession of others' things without their permission without an attempt at persuasion, not to be confused with scamming, which is punished. So, you can steal from chests you find around and break valuable blocks you find in bases (however, this is not allowed if these constitute the majority of the structure, such as the entire floor/walls/ceiling, or if they are essential for the shape of the structure, as it would be considered griefing). Theft is also allowed if you are part of the same team/territory. Stealing spawners is considered theft, so the staff cannot intervene if these are taken. Through appropriate flags, in the land, it is possible to invite people and prevent them from breaking blocks/spawners.

    • To do an UP, it is recommended to do it THROUGH STAFFERS; otherwise, if you want to do it independently, we remind you that if you exchange items and/or money BOTH will not be refunded.

    • For normal scams, items and/or money will NOT be given back.

    • General Notes -
    To ensure that evidence is valid:

    The only scam reports that the staff will handle are those related to VIP packages and items purchasable in the /store.

    Bannable Behaviors:

    • Farming while being AFK » 7-day Ban

    • Using alt/bots/any other tool to farm EXP » 15-day Ban

    • Creating automatic giant farms with redstone » 7-day Ban for the entire island

    • Bug Abusing » 30-day Ban

    • Grief (Chest item theft/Destruction of substantial parts of the island/spawners) » 90-day Ban

    • Exp Farm » At the discretion of the Head Staff.

    To play on CoralMC, you can use various launchers. In this spoiler, you can view the approved ones. If the client you intend to use is not listed in the following list, its use on the Network is prohibited. If you believe a client is missing, perhaps because it is lesser-known, you can open a thread on the Forum or create a ticket on our Discord channel and speak to a member of the Management Team, who will verify whether it is possible to add that client to the following list.
    • Lunar Client (Recommended)

    • OCMC Client

    • MisteryMod

    • Zonix Client

    • Cheatbreaker

    • PvPLounge Client

    • Cosmic Client

    • Hyperium client

    • Badlion Client

    • Arcane Client

    • Laby Mod

    • CM Pack

    • Pixel client

    • Salwyrr Client

    • Melon Client

    • Ares Client

    • Feather Client

    • Crystal Client

    • Blazing Pack

    • BatMod

    • Solar Tweaks

    • Cloud Client

    • SkyClient

    • Tecknix Client

    Soar Client

    Orbit Client

    There are also rules to follow for the Forum to avoid possible sanctions. Through the following spoiler, you can see the various guidelines.
    • Sexist and racist insults are not tolerated.

    • Do not spam or flood in posts.

    • Any form of advertising is prohibited.

    • Use common sense.

    • Harassing other members via private messages or posts is prohibited.

    • Only YouTube and/or Imgur links are allowed.

    • Posting explicit images and/or videos (Porn/Gore) and any other sensitive content is prohibited.

    • Using other users' Nicknames and/or linking Minecraft accounts you don't own is prohibited.

    • To ensure that a Report/Request/Application is seen by the Staff, all points in the Guide must be followed.

    We would like to emphasize that our TeamSpeak server also has rules to be followed to avoid possible sanctions. Through the following spoiler, you can view the various guidelines. (Also available in the dedicated channel visible once you enter the TeamSpeak server.)
    • Continuously sending the same messages to annoy or flood the chat. » 6 Hours (Ban)

    • If a player addresses another player in any offensive manner. » 6 Hours (Ban)

    • If a player addresses a Staff member in any offensive manner. » 2 Days (Ban)

    • Anyone insulting or discrediting the server offensively. » 1 Week (Ban)

    • Swearing. » 6 Hours (Ban)

    • Sending pornographic/gore content. » Permanent (Ban)

    • Spamming other servers. » Permanent (Ban)

    • Using Soundboard/Clownfish or any other voice modifier. » 3 Days (Ban)

    • Continuously joining and leaving rooms to disturb or for other cases of general disturbance in voice or text chat. » 6 Hours (Ban)

    • Impersonation of staff. » 3 Days (Ban)

    • Threatening to carry out DoS/DDoS attacks on the server or player. » Blacklisted from the Network

    • Threatening to disclose information and/or personal data. » Blacklisted from the Network

    • Carrying out DoS/DDoS attacks. » Blacklisted from the Network

    • Sending and/or disclosing information and/or personal data. » Blacklisted from the Network

    When a user purchases a VIP, they consequently accept the terms and conditions. For greater transparency, you can find the ToS below. Any infringement of the terms and conditions results in a sanction that cannot be removed if they have not been read. It is your responsibility to inform yourself.
    1. You are over 18 years old or have parental permission.
    2. You have authorization to use the debit/credit card and/or PayPal account.
    3. You will not initiate chargebacks or payment disputes.
    4. We reserve the right to ban any account without prior notice for any reason.
    5. Chargebacks will result in an IP ban/permanent ban.
    6. You are not allowed to sell/give away/share your account containing a CoralMC VIP package in any way, or your account will be deleted.
    7. You accept that the VIP package may undergo modifications at any time.
    8. You accept that a VIP transfer may take 7 or more working days.
    9. You accept that the VIP transfer is guaranteed for a change of premium name or an upgrade from SP to premium. It is not guaranteed for any other reason.

    We wish you a pleasant stay within our Network

    The head staff can at any time modify and/or adapt the rules to the type of action taken.
    If something is not clearly stated in the rules, it is your responsibility to adhere to the concept of fair play.

    CoralMC Management Team.
    Discussione chiusa ad ulteriori risposte.